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How to present the development trend of the market

According to incomplete statistics, China's construction machinery accessories market is about 200 billion of the total market. 31 in this one of the large manufacturers to profit growth point on the hope that the original accessories sales, many enterprises launched accessories manufacturers own mall, in theory, the enterprise brand manufacturers selling a lot of machinery, the machinery will be in the product life cycle in the continued consumption of accessories, it will be a a rigid demand, should be able to bring profits for the growth of enterprises brands.
Accessories market, in general, belong to the market after construction machinery, in the era of excess of the stock of construction machinery, the opportunity to tighten the new machine sales, two mobile phone trading and accessories market has become the industry's attention. Then, the construction machinery parts market will show how the trend of development, and now to do a detailed analysis for all of us.
It is understood that the brand manufacturers hope to increase the original accessories sales, professional accessories enterprises are trying to defend their interests in the accessories sales, it will form parts of war, like the city of high-end brands, accessories enterprises like down to earth in rural areas, rural areas surrounding the city or the city and countryside, it is a the problem. In order to facilitate the distinction between the 31 in this paper and the Zoomlion manufacturers of accessories is the original accessories, non original parts called professional accessories.
Insiders, engineering machinery accessories sales is a comprehensive service, accessories sales enterprise make three brush: brush is the first customer service service, feedback processing accessories sales to customers after use, more timely and more can win the trust of customers. Second brush is credit support, the final customer parts sales is mainly the construction enterprises and machinery leasing companies, these enterprises account receivable has become the industry norm, there are also parts sales account with account of phenomenon, will be of interest. Third brush is the size effect, bulk purchase price is low, the price is high, in order to make money. This three brush is only one form of expression, that is to buy low sell high to make the difference.