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Two major trends in the development of engineering machinery

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of infrastructure and innovation, construction machinery on a large scale to the equipment manufacturing industry. In the recent new urbanization vigorously promote the current situation, the demand for engineering machinery industry will surge. However, with the increase of construction machinery products and engineering projects, the construction of the difficulty of the project, the future of the construction machinery market competitiveness is also constantly strengthened. Therefore, in the strong market challenges, to meet the current construction conditions and efficient construction machinery can be recognized by the market. The construction machinery in the future development direction of the road also gradually clear.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Recently, the environment has become increasingly serious problem. At the same time, China's construction machinery and equipment industry, a large proportion of pollution. And China is the world's largest construction site, so the construction machinery emissions have become a great burden. In the implementation of environmental protection in the country today, the environmental protection of construction machinery has become the focus of demand. And China's environmental pollution has reached a certain degree, environmental management work is not only in the present, in the future is also a top priority. "Industrial energy-saving" 12th Five-Year "planning" also shows the overall goal of industrial energy saving: by 2015, the scale of industrial added value of energy consumption decreased by about 21% compared to 2010.
China's energy saving and environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face an important opportunity. In recent years, the introduction of a series of new products, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important direction for the development of construction machinery enterprises. Whether it is to reduce the burden on the environment, or to break the barriers of foreign trade and other considerations, energy conservation and environmental protection will become the main trend of the development of construction machinery.
Intelligent and efficient