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High-tech manufacturing profit growth of over 20%

National Bureau of Statistics recently released industrial enterprise financial data show that from 1 to April, the national scale industrial enterprises above the profit growth of 6.5%, the growth rate down 0.9 percentage points over the first quarter. Profit growth of 4.2% in April, the growth rate down 6.9 percentage points over March.
Liang Jing, a researcher at the Institute of international finance in the Bank of China, said that the growth rate of industrial profit fell mainly because of economic demand and the slowdown in non main activities. April, investment, consumption, exports and other growth rate has come down, it is difficult to form a strong support for industrial production and sales, the main business revenue grew 2%, down 2.6 percentage points compared to March. At the same time, the non main activities of the profit driven by the role of the failure to continue. Business investment income increased by 20.4% from March to April fell 19.8%; operating net income rose 56.2%, up 12.1 percentage points lower decline in investment income and operating net income of industrial added profits contribution.
The National Bureau of industry division, industry director He Ping said that investment income from up to down, the profit growth from positive to negative pull pull, so that all of the above scale industrial enterprises profit growth fell 2.7 percentage points.